Regardless of the point of life or career we are in, it is worth constantly looking for effective solutions and cultivating various skills. It is never too late to set and achieve goals. However, our actions should always be guided by one thought - the most important thing is not to lose yourself while following the set path.

Instead of dreams, I prefer to talk about plans,
because they become more real right away.

dr Armen Mekhakyan


Napis psyche na pomarańczowym tle

Psychological consultation

focused on relationships and personal life

  • Do you have difficulties in establishing relationships?
  • Don't you know how to achieve your goal? Or maybe you are just looking for it?
  • Do you feel lonely or lost in your own identity?
  • Do you have problems with self-acceptance?
  • Is your relationship going through a difficult period?
  • Do you fight addictions?

The range of therapeutic help:
  • stress reduction, stress-related and psychosomatic disorders,
  • work with fear (panic attacks, fear of public speaking, neuroses of obsessions),
  • anorexia and other eating disorders,
  • problems in relations with people, in coping with the difficulties of everyday life,
  • trauma,
  • support in the period around the divorce,
  • support for LGBT people,
  • Couples therapy,
  • personality disorder.

Psychological consultation


Do you notice these 9 symptoms lasting at least 14 days?

  • reduced mood,
  • reduction of energy,
  • weakening of attention,
  • low self-esteem,
  • a sense of guilt and low value,
  • a pessimistic view of the future,
  • suicidal thoughts and attempts,
  • sleep disturbance,
  • reduced appetite.

*Depression is not a despondency, a momentary decline in mood or sadness that will pass, but a disease associated with malfunctioning neurotransmitters in the brain. The most effective way of treating depression is to combine pharmacological methods with psychotherapy.


Napis film na czerwonym tle

Film therapy

is becoming more and more popular as a method of psychological influence.


This is a series of radio broadcasts and film screenings whose essential element is a conversation with listeners or viewers, taking on a therapeutic colour.
The original project of the programme, edited by Tomasz Raczek and Armen Mekhakyan, is presented on TokFM radio. Recordings from the years 2015-2018 can be listened to at in the Podcasts tab.
Current information about cinema screenings is available at and in social media.

Therapeutic process for actors

Psychological consultations in theatre and film productions

  • psychological support, both during and after the implementation of the project,
  • substantive consultations in the field of psychology.


Napis biznes na beżowym tle

What is psychological support

for business?

It is primarily focused on customer support in:

  • getting balanced and effective communication strategies,
  • the definition of his professional objectives,
  • inspiring others.

Positive psychology is the scientific foundation of the activities. Psychological sessions help to reach the resources of one's own creativity and those necessary to manage the creativity of others. Coaching approach can be implemented in the development programs of individual people as well as in a group approach.
The process of psychological support begins with researching the client's needs. Based on these findings, we jointly create a development programme.

On the following pages there are examples of situations in which a business psychologist may be helpful.

Individual sessions

to expand the inner sphere of a person and develop their full potential

  • Do you feel any symptoms of professional burnout?
  • Do you lack assertiveness in professional relations?
  • Do you work above the norm, but still don't get promoted?
  • Or maybe the desired promotion instead of success turned out to be a burden?
  • Do you feel stress in social situations?
  • Are you considering working on self-presentation?
  • Do you want to stimulate professional creativity?
  • Do you want to learn how to manage your time better and use your skills more effectively?
  • Do you return to work after a break due to maternity or parental leave and lack self-confidence?

Psychological support

for a manager focusing on business development

  • Don't you know how to succeed in business?
  • Do you want to improve communication and relations with employees, better manage your subordinate team?
  • You dream of your own business, but are not sure if you could be your own boss?
  • Are you setting up a company and looking for support in strategy planning?
  • Do you need an objective look at your business plans?

Executive consulting

sessions for management staff

  • Do you feel a need to improve your management style?
  • Do you feel that you should have a more informed impact on your organisation?
  • Are you interested in improving the business effectiveness of both yours and your subordinates?
  • Do you need a business-compatible HR strategy?
  • Are you striving for conscious management of your own image within and outside the organisation?
  • Do you want to be ready for changes that affect organizations?
  • Do you need an individual plan of personal development in your current workplace or support in planning your career path?
  • Are you trying to build your brand on the labour market?


Napis edu na zielonym tle

Training One-day projects, training cycles and training combined

with development programmes and long-term change monitoring

Psychology in business

The first offer on the market that includes the synergy of psychology, coaching, leadership, project management and HR for all those looking for innovative and effective business development techniques, including

  • high level management staff,
  • employees of the corporation who want to find their way in the best possible way in its system,
  • who want to get the promotion they want,
  • setting up and/or wanting to develop their own business,
  • looking for effective ways of communication with subordinate staff,
  • who want to part with their existing employer in harmony and who are looking for new paths of development,
  • wishing to tame the stress of public speaking.

The training is based on a psychological foundation, tailor-made, after a thorough examination of the real needs. They are carried out in cooperation with a team of high-class specialists in law, project management, psychiatry and others. The scope of activities includes HR, negotiations, mediation - economic, business and internal conflicts.